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Dorado hot  smoked, smoked. 

The king fish of the Mediterranean Sea is highly valued for its rich beneficial properties and taste. Its tender and dense meat has a delicate aroma and sweet taste. Another important advantage of this golden fish is that it has very few bones.

Hot smoking is the best option for heat treatment, after which the meat becomes even softer and juicier. The finished product has an enhanced golden hue and it sparkles!

Dorado is a dietary product with low calorie content and minimal fat content. It contains a sufficient level of protein and a unique vitamin and mineral complex. Fish is so healthy that it is recommended to include it in your diet at least once a week.

*Dorado g.k

18,99 €Price
VAT Included
  • Cold smoked fish from barakatseafood. Natural quality,  smoked.

    Shelf life 2 months  at temperature  0...−5 ℃

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