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Trout caviar. The eggs have a dense shell, about 3 mm in size.
Mild taste! 

A product that is absorbed by the body by 95%. Caviar contains iron, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, fluorine and other useful and important elements for human health. With red caviar, a person receives a whole complex of fat-soluble vitamins - A, D, E, K. In addition, caviar has a high content of omega-3 fatty acids. By eating red caviar in acceptable amounts, you can prevent a breakdown, disturbances in the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Red caviar helps strengthen the immune system and improves blood circulation. In addition, this product helps to strengthen hair, nails and bones, and reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Delivered after defrosting!
Shelf life in a closed jar 30 days, open 7 days. In a refrigerator !

TROUT Caviar (100 grams) (GLASS)

VAT Included
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