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1 kg of caviar in plastic packaging.

Chinook salmon, or king salmon, is the largest and rarest representative of this family of fish. The Chinook salmon catch in Russia is very limited, which further increases its value. Chinook caviar is large in size and has a delicate taste with a barely noticeable bitterness. The structure of the caviar is homogeneous, the eggs are not stuck together and are easily separated from each other.

Red caviar without preservatives consists only of caviar and salt. The shelf life of such a product is quite short, so it is not available to everyone. However, modern “shock freezing” technologies make it possible to obtain a natural product with a long shelf life. Red caviar without preservatives, when properly defrosted, tastes absolutely no different from that which has not been subjected to shock freezing.

Possible  freezing and extension of shelf life!

Chinook caviar 1 kg (ALASKA)

VAT Included
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