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Flounder peeled, weight 300-500 grams

Fish caught in the atlantic ocean.


Flounder (Atlantic)

VAT Included
  • Beneficial features:

    Dishes from this fish are indicated for inclusion in diet food. They enrich the body with nutrients, are easily absorbed.

    In a therapeutic diet, flounder dishes will help the patient recover faster after a long illness or in the postoperative period. Fish meat has a beneficial effect on the respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems of the body.

    Scientists have found that increased levels of omega-3 acids in flounder accelerate the death of cancer cells.

    The meat of this fish is very juicy and tender. But during cooking, a specific smell may appear, which can be prevented by removing the skin from the flounder. To facilitate the procedure, first remove the scales from the light side, then cut off the head and remove the insides. After that, cut off the tail and fins, and then, firmly grasping the dark skin near the tail cut, sharply remove it.

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