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Mullet peeled, carcass weight 1-2 kg

Fish caught in the sea.

Mullet (Sea of Azov)

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  • Beneficial features:

    Mullet is considered not a high-calorie fish, so it can be used in diet food. For 100 g of fresh fish, only 88 kcal. The nutritional value of mullet is represented by 17.5 g of protein, 2 g of fat, while carbohydrates are absent altogether. The content of various minerals in fish is also high. For example, 100 grams contains 6 μg of nickel, 4 μg of molybdenum, 430 μg of fluorine, 55 μg of chromium, as well as 0.7 mg of zinc and 165 mg of chlorine.

    The composition of mullet has a beneficial effect on the state of blood vessels. Makes their walls thicker than prevents many pathological conditions and diseases. The development of a heart attack or stroke is provoked by blockage of the most important blood vessel - the artery. Large blood clots fall into it and interfere with normal circulation, which provokes malfunctions in the operation of entire systems. Frequent consumption of mullet will help to clean the arteries, prevent the development and delay of clots. In addition, fish lowers blood pressure. Stories about people who consume a lot of mullet and practically do not get sick are absolutely real. Therefore, take note of the new ingredient and introduce it into your daily diet.

  • Return of goods is possible upon notification to the operator within 24 hours from the date of purchase of the product. In order to return funds for the goods, you need to take photos and describe the reason for the return.

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