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Frog legs are a popular delicacy in East Asia and Central Europe. They are used to make many dishes in Portugal, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, the USA and the Caribbean Islands. Frog legs taste like chicken meat, have pleasant flesh and a juicy taste.

Frog legs are a low-calorie product and are suitable as an ingredient for a diet menu. The calorie content of frog legs is 73 kcal, and they also contain 16 g of protein and 0.3 g of fat.

features of preparing frog legs The taste and benefits of the dish for the human body depend on the correct preparation of frog legs. The upper part of the frog's leg, which has only one bone, like that of a chicken or other bird, is used for food. Only edible species of frogs are used for food. For culinary purposes, frogs are raised on special farms in ecological habitats. Frog legs make a delicious fricassee; they complement battered and deep-fried vegetables well. Frog legs can be baked in wheat flour or breaded in breadcrumbs with the addition of aromatic herbs and spices. The methods for preparing frog legs are similar to preparing chicken wings or legs. Paws can be served with spicy sauces based on spices, garlic and seasonings. Before cooking, they are soaked in a marinade consisting of lemon juice, wine or apple cider vinegar. In China, frog legs are eaten both stewed and fried with spices. Before cooking, remove the bones from the legs and add the fillets to the zhou porridge. The stewing temperature is 200-220 degrees, and the dish is cooked for about 30 minutes. In Europe, especially in Italy and France, frog legs are baked in a baking dish with vegetables or stewed in a frying pan with spices. Dishes made from pasta, cereals and vegetables with the addition of frog legs are delicious. In Thailand and Japan, they prepare exotic dishes from frogs and snakes, and also add hot herbs and spices, thick sauces and gravies to them.

Frog legs

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