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Cold smoked butterfish fillet at a great price!

Butterfish is not just one specific fish, but several species that are distinguished by their tender white meat with a high degree of fat content. The most delicious is considered to be escolar - a rare type of mackerel that tastes like halibut. This fish is especially good when smoked: when cooked, it loses excess oils, becoming amazingly soft and tender. You can buy cold smoked butterfish in the Barakat online store at a competitive price and with convenient home delivery.

Escolar - fish with a unique taste
A large piece is convenient to cut into slices and serve. Tender, fatty fish is perfect for making delicious sandwiches for breakfast or for a light snack at lunch. Sliced white butterfish will look great on the holiday table. The most tender aromatic meat with subtle smoky notes is so tender that it literally melts in your mouth!

Reasons to buy butterfish:
Produced using the natural smoking method.
Does not contain flavor enhancers or harmful additives.

*Oil fish cold

VAT Included
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