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The price is for 1.9 kg

The price is for 1.9 kg

Fillet of the Pacific eastern herring "Matjes" in oil is an appetizer that is appropriate in the everyday menu and on the holiday table. The fish is cut into neat pieces, cleaned of bones and skin. The fillet is elastic, juicy, and does not fall apart. The optimal combination of oil and salt gives the delicacy a delicate taste and appetizing aroma.

Makes an excellent tandem with a side dish of potatoes, black bread and soft cheese. Pieces of fillet can also be added to salads, cold appetizers and other dishes. Herring meat is rich in protein and healthy fats. The product saturates well, and thanks to its valuable vitamin and mineral composition, it has a beneficial effect on the body.

*Mathies (herring) fillet

VAT Included
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