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Cleaned, headless, deep frozen.

Red snapper - an elusive delicacy
Red sea bass is a predatory fish with luxurious bright coral scales and excellent taste, not much reminiscent of its river counterpart. It is highly valued by gourmets and nutritionists: perch meat is juicy, moderately fatty, with a small number of bones. Buying sea bass is not so easy now - it is a rare guest on the shelves: the decline in the population has led to severe fishing restrictions.

Secrets of cooking sea bass
The appetizing pinkish perch fillet can be boiled, fried in a pan or grilled, but the ideal option is to bake it in the oven. It's simple, tasty and allows you to retain maximum benefits. In order not to waste time on preliminary preparation, you can buy sea bass freshly frozen, already gutted and without a head. The fish should be defrosted at room temperature or in the microwave - the main thing is not to fill it with hot water, so as not to spoil the consistency of the meat.

Sea fish: what are the benefits for the body?
Contains taurine, necessary for normalizing cholesterol levels.
Source of phosphorus, iodine, protein and healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.
Sea bass contains almost all vitamins and nicotinic acid PP.

*Sea bass (red)

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