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Delicious, fatty, healthy STURGEON!!! Carcass 6-12 kg. Deep freeze. WITHOUT HEAD AND TAIL

Sturgeon is rightfully considered a delicious fish. Its white meat is excellent: tender, juicy, with a pleasant subtle aroma, excellent taste and a small number of bones. At the same time, sturgeon is used practically without waste: meat, cartilage and even vertebral notochord are prepared. 

How to cook sturgeon deliciously?
The fish is suitable for preparing any culinary delights: sturgeon is fried in a frying pan and grill, baked, stewed, stuffed, poured, smoked. Sturgeon kebab is considered the best fish kebab. They eat not only sturgeon meat. The dried dorsal string of the fish is used to prepare a filling for pies - vizigu. The cartilage that makes up the skeleton and head is boiled and included in solyanka and pickles. And the luxurious and rich sturgeon soup drives all fish soup lovers crazy!

*Tsarsky sturgeon, carcass 6-12 kg / without head and tail

VAT Included
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