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Boiled-frozen crayfish. Freezing. 500 grams per package.

Crayfish - the best snack of all time
Spicy, savory crawfish is a favorite appetizer for any event. In addition to salt and water, the brine contains fennel seeds, cumin, bay leaves, black and red pepper, and coriander. This combination provides excellent taste and emphasizes the juiciness and originality of crayfish meat. The product is made by cryogenic freezing and applying glaze to the frozen product, which allows you to completely preserve the taste and freshness of the crayfish during long-term storage.

How to eat boiled-frozen crayfish?
Boiled crayfish is not just a traditional Russian dish, an excellent snack for beer, it is an entire culture. They can be consumed immediately, without heat treatment: simply defrost, adding your favorite sauce. Or, as the manufacturer recommends, you can immerse the crayfish in boiling water with spices, bring it to a boil again, remove the container from the heat, let it sit for 15 minutes and enjoy. In this form, the taste of crayfish is richer, brighter, and richer.

Why is it worth buying boiled-frozen crayfish?
Time saving: the product does not require additional heat treatment.
Natural product, no preservatives, GMO.
Taste of fresh crayfish thanks to cryogenic freezing and glazing.

*Crayfish (small), boiled

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VAT Included
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