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The price is for 500 grams.

Surimi in crab sticks
Many people know what surimi is in crab sticks. It was first used back in 1100 to replace fish meat. In 1970, the Japanese became concerned that there was a shortage of crab meat, so they decided to make an imitation by forming strips and coloring them with paprika and carmine (natural dyes). The crab sticks were delicious to eat, and their aroma and taste were indistinguishable from real crabs. Soon the invention hit the world market, and today it can be found on the shelves of any store.

The production technology begins on the open sea - within 6-10 hours after catching the fish, it is delivered to the factory, where it is washed, cleaned, and cleared of bones, skin - the head and internal organs. The cleaned fillet is crushed and washed repeatedly with clean cold water until a viscous white mass remains - insoluble protein. Excess moisture is removed from it in a centrifuge, and then pressed into blocks and frozen.


*Surimi crab

VAT Included
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