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Natural minced meat, Norwegian salmon without additives or spices.

Minced salmon fish is an excellent quality semi-finished product obtained from salmon fillet. Widely used in cooking for preparing fish cutlets, dumplings, and delicacy meatballs. The ability to enhance the taste of minced red fish with various sauces and side dishes provides complete freedom of expression. Recipes and cooking options depend only on your imagination. Cutlets made from minced salmon fish are steamed or grilled, baked in the oven or fried in a frying pan. Regardless of the method chosen, the dish always turns out irresistible!

Minced salmon fish is selected fillet of red fish, carefully chopped and frozen.
Cutlets and zrazy, meatballs and casseroles – there are more than enough options for a warm family dinner.
Minimum glaze, maximum natural fillet from Barakat.


Minced salmon (natural)

VAT Included
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