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Eel. Vacuum packaging 100 grams.

This very tasty fish with sweetish and tender meat, like eel, finds admirers in many countries. Many savory dishes are prepared from it - rolls, salads, appetizers, main and first courses. Eel meat is a source of nutritious protein and fat, as well as iodine, iron, phosphorus and vitamins: D, A, E and B. Including this delicious product in the diet can improve vision and thyroid function.

 Eel is a high-calorie food, so it is added to food in moderate portions. Per 100 g of hk eel meat there are 326 calories - 17.9 g of protein and 28.6 g of fat. The nutritional characteristics of this fish may vary depending on age, place of catch and food processing. Cold smoked eel is prepared in special smokehouses. First, the fish is cleaned, washed and placed in salt water for several minutes. Then rub with salt and spices, and then leave for a couple of days in a cold place. Then they are dried and loaded into a smokehouse, where they are treated with cold smoke.


*Eel fillet

VAT Included
  • Smoked eel is rich in vitamins and minerals that are important for the body's life support.
    It contains vitamins such as PP, A, B1, B2, E, D and C, as well as minerals zinc, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, fluorine, molybdenum, chromium, colbate, sulfur, nickel, chlorine, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

    Benefits for the body

    • Vitamin D prevents the occurrence of hypertension.
    • In Japan, smoked eel is considered a medicinal dish in folk medicine.
    • Polyunsaturated fatty acids improve the condition of blood vessels and dissolve cholesterol plaques.
    • Natural antioxidants contained in smoked eel neutralize free radicals and promote overall rejuvenation of the body.
    • Consumption normalizes the functioning of the nervous system, stimulates brain function, and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and endocrine system.
    • Vitamin B1 improves blood circulation, while giving energy to the body and normalizing appetite.
    • Riboflavin has a beneficial effect on redox processes and prevents coronary artery disease.
    • Consumption protects cell membranes and normalizes the metabolic process.
    • Minerals normalize hemoglobin and block the formation of carcinogens.
    • Participates in the process of hematopoiesis.
    • Normalizes kidney function.
    • Eating smoked eel reduces pain due to arthritis.
    • Regulates heart rate.
    • Strengthens the immune system.
    • Promotes blood clotting.
    • Regulates water-salt metabolism and acid-base balance.
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