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Size: 200-400 grams

The meat is white, lean, tender and has few bones. Used in cooking and dietary nutrition, it is well absorbed by the body. Hake is sold frozen, as fresh fish quickly loses its taste.

Fish is a storehouse of healthy vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. Nutritional value per 100 grams of boiled product is 94 kcal. The product contains a large number of microelements that ensure the proper functioning of all body systems. Vitamins and minerals have a beneficial effect on internal organs at the cellular level, preventing the development of dangerous pathologies.

Product benefits:

Metabolism is regulated, toxins are eliminated, cancer prevention.
Benefits for the endocrine system, skin and mucous membranes, blood sugar is regulated.
Improves the functioning of the nervous and digestive systems, is an antioxidant.

*Hake fillet, skin on

VAT Included
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