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The price is for 10 kg
Cleaned colmar. Frozen, glazing 20%

Cleaned squids are a godsend for those who value their time
Small snow-white squid carcasses are delicious in any form: boiled, fried, marinated, baked and especially stuffed. The main secret of preparing this seafood is simple: do not delay the heat treatment. 2-3 minutes of cooking will be enough. Buying squid with a tube and cooking from it is a pleasure: you don’t need to clean or gut anything, and the dishes turn out simply gorgeous. Squid meat can be added to mixed vegetables or used to make Italian pasta, risotto or seafood paella.

Squid with a tube: only benefits and nothing extra
Dietary product: contains a lot of easily digestible protein.

9+1 Lot Squid tube - King size

VAT Included
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